British rule in India beginning of 20th century

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  • India's Road to Independence 1914-48
    • What were British relations w/Indian Princes?
      • Britain only ruled 2/3 of India directly - rest ruled Indian Princes
      • Princes independent - all linked to British treaties - limited control over own affairs - anything counter British interest = banned
      • Largest Princely States had Residents appointed by Viceroy - other 540 had Political Officers appointed by provinces
      • Princes tended to be loyal to Britain - relied British support - administration corrupt - British intervene + dispose rulers
      • Durring WW2 - some princes paid for warships, squadrons of aircraft + provided volunteers for army
    • How successful was British rule beginning 20th century?
      • Most Indians loyal to British - very few demands for home rule
      • Indian National Congress - offered loyalty to Britain - 1885
      • Universities educating 20,000+ - free for Indians to further education in Britain
      • India supplied cheap raw materials for Britain - Indians volunteered large numbers for ww1
      • India was heavy drain on Britain- cost of administration greater than benefits
      • Control of industry to prevent competition w/Britain offended Indians
      • In countryside British control = weak - few British officials to deal w/day-to-day events
      • Educated Indians banned from taking part administration + govt - built up long term dissatisfaction


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