Battle of Little Bighorn

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  • Battles
    • Little Bighorn.
      • Gold found in the black Hills of Dakota. Sacred area for the Sioux
      • Land given to them the Fort Laramie Treaty
      • Sioux ordered to return to the reservation
      • Custer marched his men through the night. He turned down extra men
      • Sioux didn't flee and changed their tactics
      • Sioux put under military control in 1877
      • Sitting Bull retreated to Canada
    • They didn't know the number of Indians. They had better weapons given to them by white
    • Custer couldn't cross the river to reach the Sioux village. Custer's army forced onto higher ground and were seen by the Sioux
    • After. Army launched winter campaign. Sioux faced hunger and lose of horses. Sioux surrendered and put on reservations


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