Indian Ocean Disaster

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  • Indian Ocean Tsunami
    • Background
      • Occurred 26 Dec 2004
      • Indo-Australian plate subducting beneath the Eurasian
      • Earthquake measured 9.1 on the R. Scale
      • Highest waves were over 25m
    • Effects
      • 220,000 died
      • 650,000 seriously injured
      • 2 million homeless
      • public buildings e.g. schools and hospitals wiped out in some areas
      • Some 1,500 settlements are believed to be wiped out completely in Banda Aceh
    • Responses
      • Injured people were untreated for days, wounds turned gangrenous
      • Bodies littered the streets before being buried in mass graves
      • Fresh water, water purification tablets  food sheeting and tents sent in internationally
      • Medical teams and forensic scientists arrived. UK gov. promised £75 m and pub. donations of £100 m followed
      • £372m donated by British public but only £128m had been spent by DEC
      • Rebuilding was progressing and DEC has spent £40m on projects in Sri Lanka and Indonesia
      • Early warning system in Indian Ocean set up in June 2006.
      • Ensuring people know how to respond and that local authorities have plans in place are essential for its success


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