Social influence in everyday life- CHAPTER 6 SOCIAL INFLUENCE

A basic plan and structure of the studies and features that can affect the individual differences- The Research is in orange( just name of study) 

This is extra research No main study included

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  • Independent behaviour
    • Resisting pressures to conform
      • Desire for individualisation
        • Snyder + Fromkin study-
      • Maintain control
        • Berger study
      • prior commitment
    • Resisting pressures to obey
      • Disobedient figure
        • Milgram`s study- variations
          • Time to think
          • Question motif
          • Feel responsible/ empathy
      • Question motif
      • Time to think
      • Feel responsible/ empathy
    • Personality trait/ Influences on behaviour
      • Moral reasoning
        • Kholberg study- those with higher morals disobey
      • Locus of control
        • Internal locus = better resistance than external locus
          • Holland-No link
          • Schuartz- Austria obedience study no link
            • Holland-No link
      • Confidence
        • Asch`s- people knew they were wrong yet still carried on
        • Perrin et al- Those who know more disobey( more confident in answers)
      • Gender differences + culture & time
        • Blass- No differences in Milgram
        • Sistrunk+ McDavid- More conformed with masculine and fem objects= time and expectant on gender roles
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