Independence Day

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  • Independence Day
    • Promotion
      • Will Smith is promotion in himself
      • Video game for playstation
      • Promoted on Radio 1
    • Convention/ Themes
      • Family and relationships
      • Alien Invasion
      • Conflict-  Good Vs. Evil
      • Science and technology
    • American science fiction disaster film
    • Insitution
      • Directed by Roland Emmerich
      • Production: 20th Century Fox
      • Budget: $75million
        • Box office: $817.4million
      • Release date: July 2nd, 1996 which is the day the story begins
    • Narrative
      • Focuses on a group of people who struggled in the Nevada desert after a destructive alien attack on July 4th.
      • All characters are being represented as brace, experienced with technology, passionate.
    • Film Poster
      • Film poster is black at top and bottom, dark background
      • Simple
      • Shows conflict and power
        • Colour contrast
      • Alien spaceship
    • Film Trailer
      • "The question of if we are alone in the universe"
      • Special effects
      • Humour
      • Dark colour scheme and backgrounds
      • Low-Angle shots show the fear of the alien invasion and that it has power
      • Long shot showing all rockets to fight back
      • Extra long shot at the end, people are uniting and everyone is together
      • Narrative voice


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