Independence of the judiciary

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  • Indepedence of the judiciary
    • How independence is threatened
      • The PM has a veto over senior appointments of judges
      • Increasing political dialogue between judges and politicians
    • How they are independent
      • the Appointments Commission can object senior judge appointments
      • No servant of government can interefere with the result of a court case or comment on it in public or Parliament
        • Keep quiet on court cases
      • All senior judges have been courtroom lawyers
        • Have a level of expertise
      • Judges cannot be removed from office on the grounds of the decisions they make
    • Why they need to be indepedent
      • They cannot collude with government
        • Make a deal with Government to approve of their policies
      • Everyone has the right to a fair trial
        • Assures that there is no bias against anyone- why judges like jury
      • To provide a check on government and have no political bias
        • Assures that they can't be bought by a political party


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