increasing food production

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  • incresing food production
    • fertilizers
      • chemicals that increase crop yeild by providing minerals such as nitrates and phosphates
      • each year the minerals are used up during crop growth so fertilizers replace these- the next crops are not limited
      • natural fertilizers include manure and artificial fertilizers are pure chemicals such as nitrates
    • pesticides
      • chemicals that increase crop yeild by killing pests that feed on the crop
      • fewer plants are damaged or destroyed
      • pesticides can be specific for one type of pest or broad, however this kills animals that may not be pests
    • antibiotics
      • fed to farm animals to inhibit bacteria and so increase food production
      • advantages
        • energy is saved as do not have to fight off disease, more enrgy used in growth
        • helps influence bacteria in the gut helping digestion and increasing growth
        • decreases chance of animals passing on infections to humans in the meat
      • disadvantages
        • increases the chance of bacterias becoming resistant
        • naturally good bacteria is killed
        • consumed animal products may have an unwanted affect on human bodies due to the antibiotics
    • selective breeding
      • 1: select plant or animal with useful characteristic for increasing yield
      • 2: breed them together
      • 3: select offsrping with best characteristics for increasing yield and breed them together
      • 4: continue this over many generations
      • 5: eventually there will be a high yeilding population.
      • 6: the farmer hasd applied the selection pressure


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