Mumbai Improvement Strategies

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  • Incremental Housing Strategies
    • Other improvement schemes
      • Mumbai Slum resettlement scheme
        • Move from a slum in the lower part of town to a different part of town
        • Block of apartments built:electricity,heating, beds etc
        • However, there are too many people for these new houses
      • Mumbai Electricfication Project
        • Global partnership on output based aid charity provided 10,000 slum people with electricity
        • 10,000 proved not to be enough
        • Not everyone can actually afford to pay for it
      • Dar es Salaam- Tanzania
        • Waste collection
        • Jobs provided
        • Cleaner Streets, less disease spread
    • Turn a slum into a house slowly overtime
      • Where the house is based, they are given that land
        • Work with an architect and given a grant
    • Slums are right next to upper class parts of the city where people may financially help


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