Increasing demand for water in the UK

UK- reasons for increasing demand for water, areas of deficit, areas of surplus and need for water transfer

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  • Increasing demand for water in the UK
    • north and west have high rainfall- good supply of water
      • north and west areas of water surplus (greater supply than demand)
    • south east and midlands have high population densities- high demand for water
      • south east and midlands have a greater demand than supply (water deficit)
    • demand for water in UK is increasing
      • water used by people increased by 50%
      • UK population predicted to increase by 10M people in 20 years
    • UK needs to manage its supply of water
      • transfer water from areas of surlplus to areas of deficit
      • Water transfer causes issues
        • dams and aqueducts needed are expensive
        • could affect wildlife
        • possible political issues- people might not want their water given to another country
      • to increase water supplies in deficit areas is to build more reservoirs to store more water
        • building reservoir can involve flooding settlements and relocating people
      • fixing leaky pipes means less water lost during transfer
    • UK needs to reduce demands for water
      • reducing amount of water used
        • taking showers instead of baths
        • using hosepipes less
        • only run washing machines when full
        • turn tap of when not being used
      • Water companies want water metres installed
        • meters used to charge people for how much water they use
        • people with water meters more likely to be careful with amount of water they use


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