Increasing Crop Yields

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  • Increasing Crop Yield
    • Glasshouses
      • Keeps pest and diseases out
      • Artificial light - more photosynthesis
      • Trap the suns heat to keep the plants warm - heater for the winter - increases rate of photosynthesis
      • Increase CO2 levels with a paraffin heater - increases rate of photosynthesis
    • Fertilisers
      • Sometimes essential nutrients are missing from the soil due to the previous crop
      • Fertilisers replace these elements and increase crop yield
    • Pest Control
      • Pesticides
        • Chemicals help but can enter food chain and harm other wildlife
      • Biological Control
        • Using other organisms to reduce the numbers of pests by encouraging other organisms or adding new ones - predators, parasites or disease-causing
        • Longer lasting and less harmful to wildlife


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