Increasing Food Security

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  • Increasing Food Security
    • Having reliable access to affordable food
      • Access
        • Able to regularly obtain food
      • Availability
        • Country must produce and/or import a sufficient amount of food
      • Quality and use
        • Food that is consumed must be nutritious enough to maintain a healthy life
    • Different Strategies to improve food security
      • Increasing Food Access
        • Improving access to markets
          • Improving transport links so it is easier for farmers to sell
            • Some can't afford to invest in infrastructure
        • Trade
          • Food can be imported to countries that don't have enough
            • However, £ have to be low so they can afford it
        • Aid
          • Food is donated
      • Increasing Food Production
        • Changing the types of food production
          • Plants need less land and water than producing meats and dairy
            • Converting to arable farming means more food
              • More developed = more demand for meat
        • Intensive Farming
          • Producing as much food as possible
            • Reduces need for clearing natural land
              • May result in artificial chemicals destroying the land
        • Technology
          • Crops can be GM'd to produce higher yields or resistance
            • Limits need for artificial pesticides but reduces biodiversity
        • Agricultural Expansion
          • More land converted to agricultural use
            • Destroys ecosystems
      • Reducing Waste
        • Distribution
          • Most shops discard food that doesn't sell
            • Improving storage, packaging& speeding up the time it takes for food to reach consumers increases shelf life
        • Production
          • Crop loss can be decreased by educating farmers on prevention and providing them with better resources
        • Consumption
          • Encourages consumers to be less wasteful
      • 2. Describe 1 way that food production could be increases
      • 1. What is food security?
      • 3. Analyse the likely impacts of climate change on attempts to increase food security


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