Increased Tension

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  • Increased Tension
    • Czechoslovakia and the Prague Spring
      • USSR ruled Czechoslov. negative
        • living & economic standards decline
        • communism unpopular
      • DUBCEK Czechslov. leader & friends of soviet leader
        • reforms= PRAGUE SPRINGS
        • relaxation on censorship
        • more democracy
        • incorporate capitalist elements
      • some accepted change but older people didn't
      • PS could lead to fall of Soviet reputation
    • A divided Berlin
      • divided Berlin gave US access to Eastern Bloc
      • work was better in west Berlin
        • refuge problem
          • 2.7 million East German crossed from East to West
          • Soviets look bad (people prefer west)
        • troops leave Berlin in 6 months
          • Berlin belong to East
        • lead to summit meeting out of fear of nuclear war
    • The Cuban Missile Crisis: origins
      • Cuba worried US with revolution
      • Cuba built links with USSR
      • US didn't recognise Castro's government
      • CIA attempted to assassinate Castro (BAY OF PIGS)
        • ended Cuba & US relations
        • Castro announce communist
        • Cuba & USSR build closer ties


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