Of Mice and Men- Relationships ffrom first impressions

Ideas about George and Lennie's relationship from the first description

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  • In this passage how does Steinbeck introduce the relationship between George and Lennie?
    • George is protective of Lennie
      • 'Lennie for God's sake, don't drink so much' pg 3
        • Protective of Lennie's health and wellbeing
      • Links to warning him to stay away from Curley's wife
        • 'you keep away from her' pg 35
    • Lennie sees George as a role model
      • He tries to impress George
        • 'Look, George. Look what I done' pg 3
        • Links to 'he pulls his hat down... the way George's hat was' pg 5
          • Lennie copies George's actions
            • Shows he is his role model
    • Parent/child relationship
      • 'Even in the open one stayed behind the other' pg 2
        • Like a game of follow the leader
          • Quite childlike
      • Links to Lennie later wanting George to tell him the story
        • 'Tell me-like you done before' pg 14
          • like a parent telling a child a bedtime story
    • George is responsible for Lennie
      • 'I ain't sure it's good water' pg 3
        • George is responsible for looking after Lennie and is responsible for what he does
      • Links to George keeping Lennie's workcard
        • 'I got both of 'em here' pg 5
          • George looks after Lennie's belongings and is responsible for them and him
    • Both George and Lennie are opposites
      • Lennie
        • 'a huge man'   'shapeless of face' pg 2
        • Clumsy
          • 'the way a bear drags his paws' pg 2
      • George
        • 'small and quick' pg 2
        • 'strong, sharp features pg 2
          • Intelligent
      • Descriptions reflect personalities
      • First  description
        • Think George would be protected by Lennie. learn it is the opposite
          • Curley says: 'What the hell are you gettin' into it for?' pg 28
          • 's'pose he don't want to talk' pg 28
        • First impressions think Lennie can look after himself
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  • Quotes
  • Main point


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