Poetry Across Time - Relationships - In Paris with You

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  • In Paris with You
    • 'rebound'
      • Had a past bad relationship with someone else
    • 'the mess I've been through'
      • Had a past bad relationship with someone else
    • 'sodding'
      • Uses slang to reject traditional landmarks-not a normal love poem
    • 'I'm maroonded'
      • I'm isolated. He's making it rhyme to make it funny. Proper past tense is marooned
    • 'talking wounded'
      • Play on 'the 'walking wounded'
      • He's been harmed by someone emotionally?
    • 'all points south.'
      • Sexual connotations
    • 'I'm in Paris with you'
      • Paris could be changed to love
      • Is a metaphor for love
    • Cliché of romantic Paris
    • Someone who has just broken up, but is going into a new relationship
    • Repetitive 'in Paris with you' helps focus ideas
    • Written in 1st person. Allows reader to connect. Encourages empathy and sympathy
    • 'Don't talk to me of love. Let's talk of Paris'
      • He doesn't want to use the word love because he's been hurt when he's been in love. He's frightened of using the word 'love'
    • Lines 14-19
      • Realistic view of love
    • Last stanza
      • Optimistic about new relationship
    • 3rd stanza
      • Turning point in poem as in 1st part is resentful of the past and 2nd part is about hope for the future
    • Semantic field of emotional pain


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