In Paris with You

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  • In Paris with You
    • Themes
      • Sexual interest
      • Anger
      • Imperfect love lead to pain
      • "I'm in Paris with the slightest thing you do" Everything she does, it reminds him of being in the 'City of Love', although he doesn't want it from her, only sex. Contradicts himself.
    • Not a traditional love poem, Paris is considered to be the 'City of Love' but he doesn't want to leave the hotel room.
    • Content: Upset about love, starts poem feeling unhappy, finishes feeling passionate towards sex.
    • Form: Repeated stanza pattern, (EXCEPT 3), repetition, refrain and internal rhyme
    • Structure: Stanza 1 - About the narrator. Stanza 2 - his feelings. Stanza 3 - His aim. Stanza 4&5 - Passion
    • Language - Colloquialisms, humour, forced rhymes.
    • "Yes I'm angry" and "Am I embarrassing you?" The poem seems even more intimate; we are almost made to feel as if we're eavesdropping.
    • There is a repeated use of colloquial (everyday) language, suggesting this is an informal, honest poem. Phrases such as "had an earful", "downed a drink or two", "say sod off to sodding Notre Dame" and "Doing this and that" make the poem down-to-earth. Such language also contrasts with the falsely poetic tone often found in literature about love, replacing it to comic effect.
    • Language Features
      • Pun: "I'm one of your talking wounded" - connotations of war, creates humour with "maroonded" it doesn't make sense, portrays his confusion and childish behaviour.
      • If we say sod off to the sodding Notre Dame" - Sibilance, sounds like he's harshly spitting at the thought of going to a Cathedral, usually associated with marriage. Could link to Farmer's Bride as one of them doesn't want marriage. No question mark, she has no choice.
      • Antithesis: Thought the title would be positive, actually negative.
    • Comparisons: Born Yesterday (rejects traditional ideas), Hour
    • Rhyme Scheme: A,B,C,C,B,A,B,C,C,B,A,B,C,D,E,F,EG,H,A,B,C,C,B,A,B,C,C,B,B


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