Manipulating Energy Transfer

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  • Improving Productivity
    • Primary
      • Light levels
        • Grown under light
      • Water levels
        • Irrigating-crops
        • Drought resistant strains
      • Temperature
        • Greenhouses
        • Planting early to provide a longer growing season
      • Nutrient levels
        • Crop rotation
        • Fertiliser
      • Competition with pests
        • Spraying with perticides
        • Breeding pest resisant strains
        • Remove biomass & lower yield
      • Fungicides
        • Prevents fungal diseases
      • Herbicides
        • Competition from weeds
    • Secondary
      • Transfer of energy from primary to secondary is low
        • Not every part of the plant is eaten or digested
        • Much of the energy stored after consumption is not transferred to growth
        • This must be manipulated in order to maximise energy transfer
      • Harvest animals just before adulthood
      • Steroid use to increase growth rate
      • Selective breeding
      • Treatment with antibiotics
      • Zero grazing stops loss of energy by movement
        • Consider animal welfare issues


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