Improving eye-witness testimony

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  • Improving the accuracy of eye-witness testimony (Cognitive interview)
    • Change of narrative order;   Recall the event in a different chronological order
    • Change of perspective; Recall the event from another person's perspective
    • Mental reinstatement of context; Recall emotional and environmental context
    • Report everything; Recall everything they can remember, no matter how irrelevant
    • Geiselman et al (1985) Cognitive interview produced more accurate and detailed memories than standard interview
    • Geiselman and Fisher (1997) Cognitive interview works best when conduced short time after crime
    • Enhanced cognitive interview
      • Must be a trusting relationship between interviewer and witness
      • Few distractions; witness controls flow of into; open-ended questions; reducing anxiety
    • Evaluation
      • Increases both correct and incorrect information recalled
      • Development of MCI allows it to be used on children
      • Time-consuming and expensive to train officers
      • Supported by research ebidence


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