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  • improvement work
    • factors
      • numbers divide into it.
    • fractions decimals and percentages
      • when going from a fraction to a decimal you have to divide the fraction such as 1/2 you would do 1 divide by 2.
      • when going from a decimal to a percentage you have to times the decimal by 100.
      • when going from a percentage to a decimal to a fraction you have to divide the decimal by 100, such as 0.2 divide by 100 is 2/10.
    • HCF
      • factors are numbers that divide into it.
    • special types of numbers
      • sqaured= when you multiply a whole number by its self.
      • cubed= multiply a whole number by its self and then again.
    • prime numbers
      • they don't divide into anything
      • prime numbers end in 1,3,7,9
      • divide each one by 3 or 7, if they don't divide they are prime(this is after you've found the prime)


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