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  • Impressionism
    • Debussy
      • 1862-1918
      • French and studied at Conservatoire (Paris)
      • 'La Cathedrale Engloutie' - no pedal marks but must use pedal to create misty atmosphere and smudging sound
      • Whole range of piano
      • Homophonic - very chordal
      • Inspired by Gamelan bells - Bali/Java and Spain
      • Rich parallel chords - same intervals (creates a direction)
    • Ravel
      • 1875-1937
      • Born in Basque country but moved to Paris. Studied at Conservatoire (Paris)
      • Influence of two locations- Basque country and rich culture in Paris
      • Influenced by Satie and Debussy
      • Very fond of jazz
      • Distant and exotic lands appleaded to Ravel e.g. Arabia
      • Hexatonic scale, augmented 2nds, chromatic, unexpected chords, free rhythms (rubato)
    • Delius
      • 1862-1934
      • English, but spent life mostly in foreign countries
      • Emigraated to Florida (USA), studied in Germany, moved to Paris, Norway, Scandinavia - ALL INFLUENCED HIS MUSIC
      • Attempt to paint a picture of specific moment in music
      • Freshness of atmposphere, thinner in texture
      • Influenced by places e's been to- opp. to Debussy (he tried to recreate sounds)
    • Tonality and musical language
      • Modal influences (Ravel) e.g. blues, jazz
      • 7th, 9th and 11th chromatic chords
      • whole tone and pentatonic scales
    • General characteristics
      • Wide use of sustained pedal
      • Interest in music from other countries
        • Gamelan (variety of instruments e.g. gongs) from Indonesia
          • Bali
          • Bali
      • Syncopation and hemiolas
      • Vagueness of rhythm e.g. rubato


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