impression evidence 2

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  • Impression Evidence 2
    • stab marks
      • Shape of damage often reflects size of knife
        • can determine if the knife was single or double edged
        • often get striation marks
      • dynamic mark
      • If you need to consider knife marks in a body, ask a HOP - home office pathologist
    • fabric marks
      • most common in vehicle and pedestrian collisions
        • can be found at other scenes
          • if an individual has kneeled down at point of entry
      • proves forcible contact
      • fabric mark attaches to dirty cars best
      • all leave different marks
      • enhanced with aluminium powder
    • glove marks
      • most common in burglaries
      • enhanced with aluminium powder
        • can be recovered with lifting technique
      • similar to fingerprint and footwear
    • bite marks
      • photograph
      • bruising
      • reconstructions can be carried out
        • Plasticine to mimic skin
      • Marks may appear days after being bitten or they can get better with time
    • manufacturing marks
      • plastic bags, clingflim and tapes
        • common in drugs case
    • physical fit
      • conclusive evidence
      • large and small scale
      • jigsaw fit


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