Important Dates in Christianity

e.g. Maundy Thursday 

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  • Important Dates:
    • Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake Day
    • {Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday} Lent/PassionWeek/ Holy Week
    • {Good Friday, Easter Sunday} Easter/Holy Week/ Passion Week
    • Holy Week: Known as 'Passion Week'
    • Shrove Tuesday: Lent begins the day after this and it is known as Pancake day.
      • This means they are allowed to eat sweet and tasty things e.g. chocolate before they give it up for LENT.
        • On the day Christians go to confess their sins to a Priest, which is why it used to be called Shriven Tuesday
    • Ash Wednesday: Lent begins. Christians can put ashes on their forehead as a sign for forgiveness
    • Palm Sunday: Jesus was seen as a King. He didn't want to be a rich King, So he rode a donkey to show his respect to the poor
    • Maundy Thursday: Disciples looked up to him. 'Maundy'- a latin word mandatum which means to COMMAND. Washed disciples feet and said you have to love each other.
    • Good Friday: An important day: it tells us the death of Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus, when he gave others the feel of life.
    • Easter Sunday: Easter Eggs are given to show new life. Church services will be held on a Sunday. Easter was known by a pagan fertility Goddess who's name was Oestre


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