Importance of the Church (Henry VII)

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  • Importance of the Church
    • Church provided control
      • Behaviour was kept in check
      • No police (JPs)
    • King was God given
    • Confession
      • Go tell your Priest your sin
        • Usually the punishment was a fine to the church
      • Heaven or Hell?
      • Guilds and confratemities
    • Nobody worked on Sunday
      • No reason not to go
    • Church was a key point of entertainment (people wanted to go)
      • Festivals
      • Friendly occassions
    • If people were too ill. The priest would come to your house
      • Private service
    • Compulsory to go church
    • 8,000 churches
    • Central to people's lives
    • Untitled
    • Very Rich
    • Catholic
    • Pope
      • Henry VI=Pias
      • 3 Popes under Henry's reign
      • Henry showed respect to the Priest
        • Had close relationships with Pope
      • Funded Crusades
      • Sanctuary - rules changes (Lovell rebellion)
    • Relationship so close/strong that Henry could appoint church ministers and Priests
      • Strengthen his government
        • Very good at admin, competent, wise and organised
      • Church - backbone of the country
        • ORDER
        • Doesn't change during Henry VII's reign - different under Henry VII's


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