Implications of genetic testing

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  • Implications of genetic testing
    • CVS
      • Risk of infection
      • risk of miscarriage
      • Helps decide whether to terminate pregnancy.
    • IVF+PGD
      • can be considered as unethical
      • It cant be used if you don't identify the faulty gene
    • Not everyone who wants genetic testing can have one (access etc)
    • Could be too expensive
    • Might not always be reliable
    • Could cause abortions
      • Decisions could be hard, people might be uncertain whether to have kids or not
    • Its not always 100% accurate
    • doctors, family, employers, drug companies, insurance companies etc will have your results
    • You could get a false positive or a false negative result.
    • It takes a lot of strength, money, time, etc


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