implications of an increasing ageing population

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  • implications of an increasing ageing population (eg: UK or Italy)
    • top = wide = high life expectancy
    • sides = steep = low death rate
    • bottom = narrow = low birth rate = low infant mortality
    • negatives
      • social
        • strain on families (care, death)
        • higher dependency ratio
      • environmental
        • take up more land, homes - more housing needed
      • political
        • elderly votes benefit themselves and the young have to rely on them to vote to help them as the young cant vote
        • increased age of retirement
      • economic
        • state pensions
        • demands for more pensions
        • the elderly don't work meaning they pay no tax
        • more care needed
          • hospitals, buses etc
        • shortage of workers - reduces a countries growth and productivity
        • free bus passes
        • emigration - taking potential investments away from the country (eg: moving to spain)
    • positives
      • social
        • childcare
        • jobs in care and transport
        • history and traditions
        • lowering birth rate which saves investments in education/services
      • economic
        • job creation in transport and childcare
        • more voluntary work
        • 'grey pound' the elderly spend a lot of money
        • SKI-ers = spend kids inheritance
      • environmental
        • positive influence on the environment
      • political
        • slowly growing, even declining population which means less pressure on population
        • 'grey vote' - high elderly population means more can vote. bought up in a time in which everyone voted


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