Implications of a diagnosis of Schizophrenia

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  • Implications of a diagnosis of Schizophrenia
    • Mental Health
      • Treatment should reduce the number of symptoms experienced and help the individual to become more stable
      • Can create negative symptoms that can have an affect on the individual
        • Lack of motivation etc
    • Work or employment opportunities
      • Social stigma against mental health disorders
        • Negative impact on work opportunities
          • Employers could deem them unfit to work (based on labelled diagnosis)
    • Relationships with family and friends
      • May increase social support and provide the friends and family with skills and coping mechanisms
      • Could decrease the relationship between the individual and members
        • Due to social stigma of mental health
      • Family and friends may feel scared or unsure
        • May blame themselves for the individual contracting Schizophrenia
          • Especially parents
    • Self-Perception
      • Individual may think less of themselves
        • Their self-perception may become negative
          • Could cause self harm and suicidal thoughts
      • Relief of diagnosis
        • They weren't thinking they were crazy
          • Able to have correct treatment to improve stability
    • Physical Health
      • Lack of motivation could cause decline in physical health
        • Find it hard to eat, maintain hygiene levels, or follow physical activity
      • Refusal of doctor appointments
        • Doctor attributes the cause of their physical illness with their mental disorder


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