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  • Imperialism
    • Definition: The policy of acquiring and controlling dependent territories carried out by a state
    • There was European imperialism and expansion of power into Africa and Asia
      • 1. Businessmen and industrialists put pressure on their governments to annex areas- they had important economic interests
      • 2. Strategy: Britain occupied Egypt in order to safeguard the Suez Canal and route to India
      • 3. Urged by the public believed that they only remained powerful if they had colonial empires
        • That provide trade, access to raw materials and opportunities of settlement
    • Social Darwinism: Application of Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest to international relations
      • Justifying the absorption of smaller, weaker states by more powerful ones
      • Statesmen and political thinkers affected by it
        • Convinced that international life - only the strongest nations would survive
    • Quotation: It was a 'matter of life and death' for France to become a 'great African nation or in a century or two she will be no more than secondary European power, and will count in the world as a much as Greece or Romania'.
      • French economist: Paul Leroy-Beaulieu


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