Imperial consolidation

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  • Topic 7
    • Ashantiland
      • British wanted King Prempeh to give Britain the entire country but he refused
      • The 4th Anglo-Ashanti war broke out in 1896 and Britain gained full control
      • Ashanti uprising in 1900 drew the British out
    • Nigeria
      • 1890 agreement stated that the occupation of Britain in Nigeria to be recognised by the French
    • Zanzibar
      • Established as a protectorate and installed a puppet Sultan. After his death his cousin was put in charge without British consent
      • Britain forced him to step down but he refused and his palace was then bombed
    • Uganda
      • Many anglicans, muslims and catholics tried to convert the people but in 1886 the King tried to assert authority by executing 30 Christians which started a civil war
      • 1889 he gave sovereignty to the British in order for British support and was put back into power
      • He then signed a treaty handing Buganda to Uganda to make  modern Uganda
    • Kenya
      • Wthin Britains spheres of influence and had useful railway links to  Uganda
      • Took advantage of Mosrai and muslim dispute by providing weapons
      • They established control after 9 months after the Sheikh fled
    • Sudan
      • Madhist revolt in 1881 had the country in sevre famine, disease and war.
        • Khalifa Abdullah tried to unify the country but it was merely impossible
      • Salisbury needed parts of Sudan under control to ensure Egypt was protected from war
      • Herbert Kitchener was ordered to penetrate Dongala but went further and was very successful in the battle of Omdurman
      • Kitchener was made general of Sudan and opened "Gordon College' in an attempt to teach people how to run a country so that Sudan could unify
    • Somaliland
      • British re-enforced its Somaliland protectorate to limit French and Italian interest
    • Rhodesia
      • The war against the native Ndebele tribe in 1895 made Rhodesia an official country
      • Zambesia was then taken over after treaties with local tribes were made
    • Nyasaland
      • Targetted by Portaguesse and Arab attacks and Britain eventually established control in 1891
      • Guerilla warfare happened on and off until 1897


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