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  • Impeachment
    • Impeachment forms part of the checks and balances that congress has over the executive.
    • A formal accusation of a federal official by a simple majority vote of the HoR.
      • Impeachment is the first step in a two stage process - it is followed by a trial by the senate.
    • The House can impeach any member of the executive and judicial branches of the federal government.
    • The house has used the power of impeachment 19 times since 1789.
    • The most recent being federal judge Thomas Porteous in 2010.
    • In 1998, the House impeached President Clinton.
      • The senate acquitted Clinton in 1999 .
      • All democrats voted not guilty - all but five republican voted guilty on both counts.
    • The Senate has the power to try the case of impeachment.
    • If they are found guilty by a two thirds majority in the senate they are removed from office.


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