Impacts of Tourism in the Khumbu Region of Nepal (LIC)

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  • Impacts of Tourism in the Khumbu Region of Nepal (LIC)
    • Economic
      • Positive
        • Tour guide jobs
        • Businesses set up for expeditions
        • Sherpa wages are good , helps improve family lives
      • Negative
        • Basic food prices are pushed up by tourists
    • Social and Cultural
      • Positive
        • Tourists bringing western food - improves diet
        • Schools built and education improved
      • Negative
        • People have left their homes and traditions to become tour guides
        • Not enough male labour on farms
        • Many teenagers drop out off school to get jobs in tourism
        • Tranditional garments no longer worn
        • Many guides suffer serious injuries
        • Families breaking up
    • Environmental
      • Positive
        • People can see and learn about the local landscape - Mount Everest
        • Electricity in more homes - mini-hydro scheme paid by money made from tourists
      • Negative
        • Many people walking through the environment, damaging and leaving rubbish
        • Scare wildlife
        • Fuel wood becomes rare and expensive for locals
        • Deforestation


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