Impacts of Freiburg Germany

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  • impacts of Freiburg, Germany
    • Positive impacts
      • Fewer cars- more moving around by bike and tram which has led to less carbon emissions
      • greater public transport- trams powered by wind and solar power
        • 68% of trips into the city use public transport
      • Reduced congestion - petrol engines when used are more efficient as they are not stuck in traffic
      • improved environments - streets not used for cars
        • less pollution so people can sit out and enjoy the city
    • Negative impacts
      • public transport links limited for crossing city or travelling beyond city
      • Transport time are limited- people working late hours have less regular tram service
      • Over crowed public transport
      • very diffucukt for people with cars dependent jobs
      • Car ownership is still high
      • People don't like restrictions and high prices


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