Effect of earthquake on Haiti

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  • Impacts of earthquakes on developing countries - HAITI JAN 2010
    • 316,000 people were killed&1 million people were made homeless.
    • 250,000 homes and 30,000 other buildings, including the presidents palace were destroyed or badly damaged.
    • Transport&communication was very badly damaged
    • 50+hospitals and 1300+ schools were badly damaged, as was the airport's control tower
    • The main prison was destroyed and 4,000 inmates escaped.
    • 1 in 5 people lost their jobs because so many buildings were destroyed. Haiti's largest industry of clothing was the worst affected.
    • The largest number of deaths meant that hospitals and morgues were full and bodies were piled onto streets.
    • The large number of bodies meant disease like cholera were spread easily becoming a serious issue.
    • It was difficult to get aid into the area because of the issues @ the airport and bad management of the situation.
    • People were squashed into shanty towns or onto the streets because their homes were destroyed leading to poverty, poor sanitation and health and looting became a real problem.
    • Green= Secondary impacts(as a result of the primary impacts) Blue= Primary impacts (caused directly as a result of the earthquake)




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