Impact of the war on Germany

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  • Impacts on Germany By 1918
    • Germany was Bankrupt
      • 6 million widows and 2 million children were left without husbands/ fathers
      • National income was reduced by 1/3 of what it had been in 1913
      • Industrial production was about 2/3 of what it had been in 1913
    • Germany had a new democratic government -The Weimar Republic
      • Stresses of the war led to a revolution when the kaiser left the throne unattended
      • Many ex-soldiers and civilians hated the new democratic government and they believed that they had been "stabbed in the back" by the kaiser
    • Divisions were created in the German society
      • Huge gaps between the rich and poor
      • During the war women started working in factories and many people in Germany saw this as damaging traditional family values in the society
      • Many worker were angry due to the restrictions on their earning while factory owners made fortunes


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