Impacts of Volcanic Activity

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  • Impacts of Volcanic Activity
    • Hazards
      • Environment
        • LAHARS - Redoubt Volcano, Iceland, 1989-1990 - Pyroclastic flows melted snow & ice causing lahars in Drift River.
          • Destroyed / damaged 167 lakes.
          • dense forest within 10km of the summit was destroyed.
        • VOLCANIC GASES - Laki Eruption, Iceland, 1783 - the N Hemisphere cooling by 1°C & USA winter average temperature 4.8°C below 225 year average.
        • Mt Pinatubo, 1991 - World Temperature fell by 1°C.
          • ASHFALLS & LAHARS - More than 86,000 hectares of agricultural lands and fishponds were affected.
      • Social
        • PYROCLASTIC FLOW - Montagne Pelee Volcano, Martinique - The city of St Pierre's 28,000 population died with only 2 survivors.
        • MUDFLOWS - formed during the eruption of Ruiz volcano, Columbia, 1985 - killed about 29,000 people.
        • Mt Pinatubo - 1.2 million people lost their homes around the volcano and had to migrate to shanty towns in Manila.
      • Economic
    • Benefits
      • Environment
        • SLOW LAVA FLOW - Hawaii, Kilauea - emitting steam & lave since 1983 - added more than 500 acres of land to the island.
        • ASHFALL & LAVA FLOWS - provide fertile land
          • land can be farmed by locals & can provide income through crop growth
      • Social
      • Economic
        • land can be farmed by locals & can provide income through crop growth
        • Attract visitors to an area who seek accommodation & spend money of g&s in the area.
          • Demand increases employment as jobs become available for locals.
          • Visitors can be in the form of tourists or researchers who seek the landscape.
        • Neighbouring countries who receive refugees can receive financial aid to provide for these people.
          • Refugees spend money in the economy thus providing income for locals.


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