Impacts of the Great Terror

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  • Impacts of the Great Terror/Purge
      • 1936: the removal of Kirov's supporters from the POLITBURO allowed Stalin to change the direction of the 2nd Five-Year Plan.
      • Industrial managers lied about their production figures to avoid the NKVD.
      • PURGES OF GOSPLAN meant that the 3rd Five-Year Plan was never published.
        • Led to further confusion in industry.
      • The removal of local managers reduced the efficiency of Russia's industry.
      • The Consolidation of Stalin's power
        • The Moscow Show Trials removed Stalin's rivals from the 1920s.
        • Removal of Kirov's supporters eliminated those who wanted to moderate some aspects of Stalin's policies.
        • Stalin was able to deflect criticism of his economic policy by accusing others of sabotaging the Five-Year Plans.
      • The Communist Party
        • Russian government administration ground to a halt as the officials were so scared of being purged that they stopped making decisions.
        • Junior members of the Communist Party, who were more loyal to Stalin, were promoted as their bosses were purged.
    • SOCIAL
      • Family Life
        • Approximately 10% of adult males fell victim to the Terror.
        • 95% of those arrested were men, the majority of whom were aged between 30 and 45 and were husbands and fathers.
        • The children of those arrested were persecuted and humiliated at school and in Komsomol.
      • Escaping the Terror
        • People at risk moved away from their hometowns and took on new identities as industrial workers.
        • The daughters of victims of the Terror attempted to begin new lives by marrying members of the working class
        • Some local officials could be bribed to issue new identity papers establishing a new working-class identity.
      • The Terror from Below
        • Stakhanovites played a leading role in the Terror and used it as an opportunity to remove their managers and gain promotion
        • Unscrupulous workers would inform on their neighbours and colleagues in order to get the properties that were vacated as a result of the purges.


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