Impacts of Energy Use and Extraction

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  • Impacts of Energy Use and Extraction
    • Landscape Scarring - Xilinhot, China
      • The demand on coal has increased mining.
      • The government encourages surface mining instead of underground mines
      • Nearly 37kmsq in size and has 2 billion tones of coal
      • However, the mine cast could scar the landscape and it uses tonnes of water to operate
    • Oil Spill - Gulf Coast, USA
      • When BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and sank, it killed 11 people and leaked oil for 87 days after.
      • It lost 3.2 million barrels of oil
      • The oil rose to the surface and killed marine life and bird life. Floating booms tried to control the burning and oil dispersant chemicals
      • The spill made endangered species even more endangered and BP was fined under the US Clean Water law
    • Deforestation (HEP) - Pará, Brazil
      • It will be one of the largest dams and will provide electricity to the rapidly increasing Brazilian population
      • 46% of the energy used in Brazil comes from renewable sources with HEP being 85% of all electricity used
      • It will flood 400kmsq of the Amazon rainforest which will cause a loss of vegetation, harming of animals and impact on the fish migration routes


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