Impacts from using fossil fuels

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  • Impacts from using fossil fuels
    • Acid Rain
      • Gases are released when FF are burnt, then it falls as acid rain
      • Kills fish and other aquatic life - reduced biodiversity
      • Reduces the nutrient content in the soil - some species of plant can't grow or grows more slowly
      • Kills trees and other plant life - reduced biodiversity
      • Corrode rocks e.g. limestone, sandstone
    • Global Warming
      • Largest problem created by FF
      • Rising sea levels and increased flooding
      • More frequent and severe extreme weather events e.g. droughts and hurricanes
      • Habitat loss (loss of biodiversity and the extinction of species)
    • Problems Associated with mining
      • Disturbs and removes large areas of land
      • Wildlife being displaced
      • Habitat loss
      • Reduced air quality as dust is released
      • Contamination of surface water with acidic or toxic substances
    • Oil Spills
      • Death of wildlife
      • Reduces the ability of animals to move freely (flying/swimming problems)
      • Hypothermia - feathers and fur become coated in oil and reduces the ability to control its body temperature
      • Consumption of oil


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