Impact on Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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  • Impact on Earthquakes and Volcanoes
    • Human
      • Earthquakes
        • Hardly Noticed
        • Coal Mining can trigger earthquakes
        • Reservoir Construction
        • Oil and gas production
        • Noticed when magnitude is high enough that people suffer
      • Volcanoes
        • Fast-moving lava can kill people
        • Falling ash can make it hard for people to breathe
        • Can die from famine
        • Can die from  fires
        • Can die from earthquakes which can be related to volcanoes
        • Can lose possesions
          • Can destroy houses
          • Can destroy roads
          • Can destroy fields
    • Physical
      • Earhquakes
        • Sudden release of energy in the earth's crust that creates seismic waves
        • Three types of fault that may cause an earthquake
          • Normal
          • Reverse (thrust)
          • Strike Slip
      • Volcanoes
        • Can cause change in weather like rain, thunder and lightening
        • Effect the climate, making the world cooler
        • Inside earth's core there is red hot liquid called magma.
        • Happens when magma rises to surface of earth
          • This causes bubbles of gas to appear in it
          • Causes pressure to build up in the mountain, and it eventually explodes.


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