Impact of WWII on African-Americans

A mind map of some of the impacts WWII had on the civil rights movement and African-Americans.

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  • Impact of WWII
    • Economic Power
      • Whilst they still had a greater chance of employment, they still received less pay and white workers were hostile.
      • Mobile, Alabama 1943, 12 blacks promoted caused a riot at the shipping company. 50 seriously inured in the subsequent riots.
    • Sit ins an Boycotts
      • 1942 James Farmer sets up CORE- Congress of Racial Equality.
      • Sit  in against segregated facilities.
    • Migration
      • Creation of more jobs in large cities and munitions  factories.
        • Over 500,000 moved from the South.
    • Proximity
      • Did not live side by side happily, segregated schools.
      • Blacks tended to flock in same area e.g. Harlem.
      • Poor housing conditions and a cycle of poverty.
      • Didn't like black men working with white women
    • Federal Intervention
      • FEPC 1943 - Fair Employment Practices Commisson set up by Roosevelt as only 10% blacks were employed in 1940.
      • Black employment in aircraft factories and an increase of 25% in iron and steel industry.
    • Supreme Court
      • Smith V. Allright 1944: The number of  potential black voters registered increased gradually.
    • Black Consciousness
      • NAACP members increased from 50,000 to 450,000.
      • Separated regiments- navy desegregated in 1946.
      • Double V campaign- fighting racism at home and abroad.


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