Impact of www1 on germany

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  • Impact of War
    • Bankrupt government
      • factories getting such down
      • national income at 1/3 lower of what it was before the war
      • Having to pay reparations
      • 2 million children with out fathers 1/3 of buget went to them
    • Socal devisions
      • Role of Womwen
      • Germany dividing
      • People looking for different options
        • Democratic leader forced to abdicate
      • workers in factories get poorer owners get richedr
    • Mutiny and unrest
      • German forces falling apart
        • Rebelling against commander such as to stop the blockade
        • Sailors killed for refusing
      • no sense of unity
    • Defeat of German Army
      • blame government for being weak
      • broken alliances
      • no allies
      • Germany Shocked as had been lead to think they are winning the war
    • Flu epidemic and food shortages
      • Blockade
      • shortage of labours
      • 50% of milk being produced
      • most food produced goes to troops


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