Impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany

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  • Impact of the Treaty on Germany
    • Germany was virtually bankrupt
      • National income was around a third of what it had been in 1913
      • Industrial Production was around two thirds of what it had been in 1913
      • War left 600,000 widows and 2 million children without fathers
        • By 1925, the state was spending about one third of its budget on war pensions
    • The war had deepened divisions in German Society
      • During the war women had to work in factories and many saw this as damaging traditional family values and society as a whole
      • Many German workers were bitter about the restrictions placed on their earnings during the war whilst the factory workers earnt fortunes
      • There were huge gaps between the living standards of the rich and the poor
    • Germany had a revolution and became an unstable democratic republic
      • Stresses of war lead to the revolution in October- November 1918
      • Many ex-soldiers and civilians despised the new democratic leaders and began believed that Hindenburg had been betrayed


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