Impact of the Pill

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  • Impact of the pill
    • Sexual revolution
      • Helped to catalyse the sexual revolution
      • 19% of married women and 9% of unmarried women by 1969
      • Sex became more of a recreational than procreational thing
      • It changed attitudes towards sex and it became more of a part of everyday life
      • People were more free to talk about sex
      • Linked to the Lady Chatterly Case and Profumo Scandal
    • View of women
      • Men saw women as more sexual than before
        • Link to the mini skirt and new fashions
      • Women could be easily pressured into sex
      • Increase in relationships
    • Female freedom
      • Control over their bodies
      • Can decide to have children
      • Freedom over their future
      • More chances of promiscuity and adultery
    • Family Planning
      • Brook Clinics founded in1964
        • Help to protect teenagers
        • Keep them from getting pregnant
      • Family Planning Act 1967
        • abortion legalised
      • People could have children when they could afford them
  • Usage rose from 50,000 in 1962 to 1 million by 1969
  • Geoffrey Gorer survey 1969- 4/100 women use the pill and 1 of the 4 for medical reasons
  • Average age of marriage fell from 25 in 1940s to 23 in 1970s
  • Condom was used by most unmarried couples
  • Less than 1 in 5 of married couples under 5 using the pill


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