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  • Impact of Korean War on United States
    • Human and economic cost
      • 33,651 Americans died in combat and more wounded
      • Financial implications = shocking for US treasury, expensive 'police action'
    • Anti-communist paranoia
      • Encouraged this paranoia that had been developing since late 1940s
      • McCarthyism in 1950s
    • Eisenhower 'I will go to Korea'
      • Korea definitely helped Eisenhower into presidency.
    • Increase in defence spending
      • Transformation of USA from an economic superpower into a military one.
      • After Korean War, US was equipped to be the 'world's policeman'
      • Stimulated economy and added to propseirty but some welfare programmes 'Fair Deal' by Truman were cut
    • American commitments in Asia
    • UN credibility
      • Hadn't failed like League of Nations in 1930s
      • Truman's government had showed a determination to resist aggression but had done so under an international umbrella.
      • US had embraced morality; A limited war with allies was pursued instead of a sweeping US victory.
    • Containment of communism
      • Determination to contain the spread of communism
      • Help flowed more generously to French in Indo-China, laying basis for US in Vietnam


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