Impact of the EU on the UK part 1

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  • Impact of EU on the UK
    • ...On National Sovereignty
      • -Major loss of sovereignty in pratice
      • -VS 'Pooled'/shared sovereignty
      • -UK input via council of ministers on behalf of National Interest.
      • 'The ability of the UK State itself and its citizens to decide matters for itself.
    • ...On Parliamentary Sovereignty
      • 'Parliaments ability to legislate on any area it chooses and can't be bound
      • -Eu can and does make laws for the UK
      • -Vs parliament has willingly given up power via the EU communities Act 1972
      • -E.C. Act provides for EC law to take precedence over UK law!
      • -Parliament could withdraw from EU and invoke its Parliamentary sovereignty
    • ...On UK Gov.
      • -Decisions made by UK Gov. can be overruled by EU if contravened EU laws
      • - UK a good record of compliance with EU law
      • - Factortame Case ~ Merchant shipping Act 1988 at odds with European Commission  law= UK struck out!
      • - UK Gov. Departments closely involved in EU decision making process. (council of Ministers)
    • ...On Public Policy decided in Europe
      • - Range of policy areas growing - 'An ever closer Union'
      • - UK plays a part in decisions and exercises power over other Member States. (pooled sovereignty)
      • -VS Policy for the UK decided abroad.
      • - Few areas exempt from EU   input (traditionally Welfare, health.. but this is changing)
    • ...On the Westminster Parliament
      • 'Power of Ministers has been enhanced at the expense of Parliament'-Tony Benn
      • -Some decisions can be taken without the need for Parliament to pass legislation
      • - But Parliament + House of Lords does scrutinize EU policy via committees e.g. influential HoL Committee on European Affairs


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