Impacts of disease

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  • Impact of disease: Spina Bifida
    • Type of disease: Predisposition
    • Wellbeing.
      • An individual with Spina Bifida may be anxious to socialise due to embarrasement to incontinence. They may find it hard to socialise due to little understanding of social skills and language, making them feel isolated.
      • Causes depression, anxiety and stress.
      • Physical effects of Spina Bifida makes it difficult for someone to partake in physical activities.
    • Health.
      • The brain may not develop properly leading to learning and other cognitive problems.
      • The brain controls all the muscles in the body. Damage to nerve cells can result in th problems controlling muscles.
      • Damange to nerves that control muscles mean that an individual may experience urinary and bowel incontinence.
      • Treatment can be major and painful.


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