Impact of day care on aggressiveness

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  • Impact of day care on aggressiveness
    • EPPE project
      • 3000 children aged 3-7 yrs in a variety of day care settings
      • children who spent longer in day care were rated by teachers as more aggressive and disobedient
      • high levels of group care before age of 3 (particularly before age 2) were associated with higher levels of aggression
        • high-quality levels reduced these levels
    • NICHD study
      • longitudinal study conducted in the US since 1991 - followed progress of over 100 children
      • at age 5 - children who had been in any kind of day care were rated as more assertive, disobedient and aggressive
      • children in full-time day care (30+ hours) were about 3x more likely to show behaviour problems compared to those cared for by mum at home
    • Evaluation
      • lack of causal relationship
        • research does not demonstrate that day care has caused any later behaviours - only correlations have been demonstrated
        • Dingfelder suggests that we need to better understand the process e.g. mediating factors


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