Impact of the Great Depression pt.2 (Topic 1)

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  • Impact of the Great Depression pt.2
    • Rise of the left and the democrats
      • Extreme Left
        • American communists - began to unite wth th Afro-American community and encouraged an independent state to be given in the South. Organised groups set up marches
        • Socialist: Split from communist. opposition to WW1 had weakened them
    • FDR
      • Policies: Made government responsible for the welfare of pople. New Deal - proposing economic reformes
      • 1936 - US economy was improving. GNP up by 34%. Unemployment from 25%-14%
    • Democratic Election Campaign
      • How it led to Republican decline: Hoover's campaign was weak as he was busy fighting the Depression. Economy was in decline, people needed change. Hoover lacked charisma the FDR had


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