The Impact of New Media

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  • Impact of New Media
    • Livingstone & Bovill
      • converging screen technologies may be contributing to the blurring of boundaries between traditionally separate, & distinct activites
      • people switch between playing games, research, communication etc all on the same device
    • Jenkins
      • sees that this 'technological convergence' (bringing together of things on same device) leads to cultural convergence (people encouraged to seek & share info)
    • Lister et al
      • 5 main concepts distinguishing new media from traditional
      • 1) Digitality
      • 2) Interactivity = led to participatory culture & collective intelligence
      • 3) Hypertextuality
      • 4) Dispersal = the media has become much less controlled & easily adapted
      • 5) Virtuality = e.g. online avatars
    • Who uses new media?
      • in 2013 80% of UK homes had internet access
      • 80% of population had internet
      • 48% of all adults had a social networking profile
    • Connected nations report 2017
      • in-depth look at communications networks in the UK
      • outlines the progress on availability of broadband services, which are crucial to peoples working lives
      • 1.1 million homes still can't get the broadband speed needed to meet their typical needs
      • broadband speeds are worse in rural areas
    • Digital Divide
      • patterns in internet access reflect existing inequalities
      • healthy, young, well-educated people with higher incomes likely to be frequent internet users
      • digital underclass forming in UK, where lower social groups were behind others in their access to internet
      • when the disadvantaged groups did find access, they lacked the skills & knowledge


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