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  • Immunity
    • Artificial
      • Deliberate exposure to antibodies and antigens to cause immunity.
    • Natural
      • Acquire  immunity through natural life processes.
    • Active
      • White blood cells activated to form memory cells.
      • Slow onset, long lasting.
    • Passive
      • Acquiring antibodies that destroy pathogen.
      • Fast onset, short lived.
    • Natural Passive: individual recieves antibodies from mother, either across placenta as a foetus or from early breast milk.
    • Artificial Active: Inducing immune response without individual suffering symptoms of disease. Introducing disease antigens into the body to cause immune response without the person suffering symptoms of disease. Known as vaccination.
    • Natural Active: Results from body becoming infected with disease. Body produces own antibodies and may continue to for years. Results from activity of B lymphocyte memory cells.
    • Artificial Passive: Individual injected with antibodies from another. During treatment of diseases like tetanus and diptheria-acute infections where immediate protection is required.


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