Immunity (Non-Specific)

Will be making a separate one for the specific immunity (humoural and cell-mediated) but thought I'd include them on here as referance. Hope it helps some people!

Also, try and ignore that pesky bubble that's loitering in the bottom left corner. I tried to delete it and it wouldn't delete so I attempted typing and it wouldn't let me do that either. It's irritating because you can't print the pdf properly until it's gone. Message me if you know how to get rid of it! :)

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  • Immunity
    • Specific
      • Cell mediated
      • Humoral
      • Responses  distinguish between different pathogens.
    • Non-specific
      • Barriers
        • Skin
          • Thick - hard to penitrate
          • Already has bacteria colonised on it.
          • Skin often regenerates itself - dead skin is difficult to colonise on
        • Mucus
          • Produced by the epithelial cells.
          • Thick
        • Hydrochloric acid
          • Low PH - enzymes of the pathogens are denatured.
      • Respond to all pathogens in the same way.
      • Phagocytosis
        • 1. Chemicals released by pathogen cause phagocytes to move towards the it.
    • Antigen: Protein that is recognised by the body as non-self.
    • Antibody:Protein produced by B cells that bind to antigens on non-self material.


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