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  • Immunity
    • Va
  • Immunity
    • Vaccinations
      • Contains a small quantity of dead or weakened disease
        • Pathogen or antigenic material of pathogen is harmless
    • Pathogen, a bacterium, virus, or other micro-organism that can cause disease
      • Pathogens are not the disease, they cause the disease
    • Memory cell, type of cell for every pathogen it has encountered
      • Antigens, Pathogens contain certain chemicals that are foreign to the body. These chemicals are called antigens
    • Immunity, body's mean of defending against infection from pathogens
    • White blood cells
      • Functions: Can ingest pathogens and destroy them.
        • Produces antibodies (lymphocytes) to destroy pathogens
      • White blood cells do not eat pathogens, they ingest them
      • Antibodies and antitoxins are not living things - they are specialised proteins


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